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Saratoga Springs was named for the famous New York spa, Saratoga. The oldest resort on Utah Lake has survived fire, flood, and fading interests of the public to bring pleasure to thousands of Utah residents. Though famous for it's hot springs which have the perfect temperature dipping year round, Saratoga has always been so much more. It all began when one thousand people attended the formal opening of Saratoga Springs on July 24, 1884.

A German Immigrant named John Beck called the twenty-seven acres surrounding Utah lake, Beck's Saratoga Springs. By 1914, Saratoga had changed looks by adding new plunges and buildings. Saratoga also changed ownership several times. In 1914 Austin Brothers and the Austin and Sons Sheep companies purchased the resort for $60,000. Early plans for the area were subdivided farm parcels, and suburban homes on the lake front. A stockholder in Austin Brothers announced that a plat of new city called lake front has been made and within weeks
streets and sidewalks were to be
laid out.

Of course the city never materialized. Once again throughout the years, more and more additions were made to the resort. New owners came and went. Dancing became very popular in addition to rides, games, and swimming. By 1950, a new entrance was built with a new lobby added, additional landscaping and new lawns. The cold cement floors of the dressing rooms were warmed by hot water circulating through pipes under the floor. A newly installed system filtered the water of the
pools every five hours.

In the spring of 1968, Saratoga lovers were shocked by a $100,000 fire at the resort. Lost in the fire was the main building that housed the indoor pool, dressing rooms, laundry, ticket office, snack bar and gift redemption center. The resort operator quickly had the debris removed, and the resort was ready for its Memorial Day opening three weeks later. In the 1970's, a new "Kamikaze" waterslide captured the interest of resort customers. The two story structure swept riders into the former wading area. In the early 1980's Utah experienced record breaking water years. Utah Lake, swallowing hundreds of miles of shoreline, rose to its highest point in history. Though unfounded, rumors that Saratoga was underwater initially kept people away from the resort.

Since the 1860's, Saratoga has survived changing times and is now ready to move into a new phase of development. Saratoga Springs has now become a relaxing and amenity filled master planned community. Residents will be offered swimming pools, tennis courts, jogging paths, nature trails, and a proposed future golf course. The neighborhood will be far off the main road to give you a sense of being out of the city but close enough to be near town. Don't let this opportunity pass you, be a part of the
continuing legacy of Saratoga Springs.

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